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Center Joint Unified School District

District Focus


(Reviewed and updated annually)
Mission Statement: Students will realize their dreams by developing communication skills, reasoning, integrity, and motivation through academic excellence, a well rounded education, and being active citizens of our diverse community.
INSTRUCTION - Continued focus on academic achievement through a Multi-Tiered System of Support
  1. Implementation of content standards through newly adopted curriculum, while continuing to maintain an emphasis on CAASPP
  2. Increased collaboration district-wide (including administration) with a focus on student achievement and newly implemented strategies
  3. Program articulation and collaboration between all schools and grade spans
  4. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals

    FACILITIES - Safe, clean, well maintained, and state-of-the-art facilities
  1. Develop and maintain a facilities plan that includes future and current facility needs
  2. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals
FINANCE - Fiscally sound practices and ensure district remains fiscally solvent
  1. Budgetary status communicated
  2. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals
PEOPLE - Open, responsive, and reflective communication with staff, parents, and community
  1. Engage, inform, and support all stakeholders in educational process
  2. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals