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Center Joint Unified School District


Obsolete Instructional Textbooks/Materials

Obsolete Instructional Textbooks/Materials

The following surplus or undistributed obsolete instructional textbooks/materials will be available for donation or purchase.  Please contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department for interest or questions 916-338-6343 
High School Textbooks

136 Physics textbooks
Holt Rinhart Winston 0-03-092210-0

127 Chemistry textbooks
Holt Rinehart Winston 0-03-092204-6

140 Biology textbooks
McDougal Litell 0-13-978-0-618-72510

23 Biology Cycels of Life textbooks
AGS Publishing 0-7854-3972-2

60 Campbell Biology textbooks
Pearson 978-0-13-137504-8

302 Earth Science textbooks
Prentice Hall 0-13-166755-6

259 Glencoe Health textbooks
McGraw Hill Ed. 978-0-02-1407707-1