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Center Joint Unified School District

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Administrative Jobs
Job Posting Posting Date Deadline
Certificated Jobs
Job Posting Posting Date Deadline
Substitute Teacher´╗┐ 06/07/2018 Until Filled
Special Ed Teacher Mild/Mod - Riles 09/06/2018 Until Filled
Classified Jobs
Job Posting Posting Date Deadline
Bus Driver 08/27/2018 Until Filled
Bus Driver/Delegated Behind the Wheel Trainer 08/27/2018 Until Filled
Noon Duty Aide 08/20/2018 Until Filled
Substitute Bus Driver 06/07/2018 Until Filled
Substitute Instructional Specialist-Various 06/07/2018 Until Filled
Substitute Cafeteria Workers 08/28/2018 Until Filled
Instructional Assistant - Oak Hill 09/21/2018 Until Filled
Cafeteria Worker - Center High 09/25/25018 Until Filled
Substitute Custodians 09/26/2018 Until Filled
Instructional Specialist - Dudley 11/1/2018 Until Filled
´╗┐Cafeteria Worker - Wilson Riles 11/26/2018 Until Filled
Instructional Specialist/PH Center High 11/29/2018 Until Filled
Instructional Specialist/PH Autism - Dudley 12/6/2018 12/19/2018
Coaching Jobs
Job Posting Posting Date Deadline