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Center Preschool Special Education

Are you concerned about your child’s development?

Did your child have medically-based services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Physical Therapy prior to age 3? Does your 3—5 year-old have these services now through your health plan?

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delays, or a medical condition that impacts his or her development?

If so, and your child is between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, please contact us to discuss options available in Center Joint Unified School District for supporting the skill development and learning of preschool-aged children in areas including adaptive skills, fine motor, speech, social, and cognitive development.

In order to determine if your child may be eligible for district-based services, we will schedule a time to meet you and your child, learn about your child’s strengths and challenges, and work with you to ascertain if individualized assessment is needed. Our Preschool Assessment Team is composed of Early Childhood Education Specialists, Preschool Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, and School Psychologists with years of experience in identifying needs, developing individualized goals, and delivering specialized services that help preschoolers to make gains in a variety of settings.

Center Joint Unified School District Special Services
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Tracie Daubenmire, Program Specialist
Four children eating birthday cupcakes outside.
Two girls watching a boy add ingredients to a red bowl as they make muffins.