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Center Joint Unified School District

Board Livestream

The October 20, 2021 Regular Board Meeting of the CJUSD Board of Trustees is being conducted in-person and virtually as allowable under the Assembly Bill 361, Government Code Section 54953.  
Anyone may address the Board regarding any item that is within the Board's subject matter jurisdiction.  However, the Board may not discuss or take action on any item which is not on this agenda except as authorized by Government Code Section 54954.2.  A speaker shall be limited to 3 minutes (Board Policy 9323).  All public comments on items listed on this agenda will be heard at the time the Board is discussing that item.  If you have any comments for the Center Joint Unified School District Board, please fill out the form below.   This will send an email that will be monitored during the meeting.  Please indicate in the subject line the item in which you are addressing (ie. Business Item A, Consent Agenda Item 7, Public Comments, etc)
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Board Comments

Board Comments

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