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Center Joint Unified School District

Field Trips and Volunteer Drivers


Goal: To ensure that school site requests for transportation needs are met at the most effective cost, while adhering to the district’s contract.
1. All requests for buses for athletic trips and field trips must be submitted via Trans-Traks to Center Joint Unified School District’s Transportation Department AT LEAST 10 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the scheduled departure date and AT LEAST FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS prior for the SUV/VANscheduled departure date. Trip requests received with less than the 10 business days for a school bus and/or five (5) business days for a SUV/Van request are subject to denial. Please note: SAME DAY(24 hr)CANCELLATION's (F.T.) may be charged 2.0 hrs for Bus Driver salary.
2.It is the requesting school site that is responsible to check with Dispatch or onTrans-Traks to see if their trip is scheduled.
3.School sites mayNOT rent vehicles or charter services directly. All rentals and/or charters must be made through the Transportation Department.
4.All requests for buses and rental vehicles must be complete with appropriate budget code.
5.Schools are required to provide Transportation with a calendar and list of minimum days and scheduled field trips before the start of the school
year. Any changes to the schedule of minimum days must be approved by Educational Services. All field trip schedule changes are to be made ten (10) business days in advance to Transportation Services. A confirmation must be received by the requester to ensure the change could be accommodated. Late or last minute changes may not be accommodated for field trips and minimum days, especially towards the end of the school year in May.
6. Transportation Services may evaluate each request and make the determination regarding the bus/vehicle to be provided based on availability of Districtdrivers, CSEA contract requirements, efficiency of scheduling, and cost. (DAY field trips are scheduled between the hours of 9:30am-2:00pm ONLY)
7. Cancellation of a transportation request for a bus or rental vehicle is required to be submitted to the Transportation Department one week in advance in Trans-Traks by sending an email using the envelope next to the trip in the Trip Review tab. You can also update trips and ask questions by using this email link. Failure to notify Transportation Department within this time will result in the site’s budget being charged for the cost incurred. If last minute cancellations are due to severe weather or emergencies and Transportation Department is notified immediately, the site’s budget will not be charged.
8. Estimate cost include distances from bus yard departure to site arrival, site to field trip location, back to site and back to Transportation bus yard at $3.32 per mile and driver costs of $26.75 per hour and $34.42 per hour (overtime) The field trip route and number of buses will be determine by Transportation Department and may change without notice.-Seating Capacity (Bus) 70 is max for Elementary school grades K-2, 64 is max for Elementary grades 3-6, 60 is max for WCR and CHS(All District Field Trips must have at least 1/2 adults to accompany students) -District (Van) seating capacity, 10 is max. (9 Passengers and 1 Driver) Pre-Trip form -Van -is required and returned to Transportation Dept.-(Charter )Carriers may vary (check with Transportation)
9. Failure to return a rental vehicle as scheduled which results in additional costs will result in the site’s budget being charged.Note: The rental company is closed on Sundays, and anyone returning a vehicle on a Saturday (after hours) will need to give the appropriate information to the Transportation Department.
10. Age requirement for rental vehicle is 25 years of age or older. Rental vehicles are required to be returned to the Transportation Department, 8408 Watt Avenue bus yard. The Transportation Department will fuel returning SUV/VANS. Special fuel codes are used to track the fuel used in rental vehicles and billed to the appropriate budget codes. The requesting driver should see the Transportation Department shop personnel for assistance or refer to the instructions in their packet given to them when the vehicle is picked up or dropped off. Please note that Home to School are Transportations Priority
In Order to Rent an Enterprise or use of a Personal Vehicle, Transportation Department requires that the following met: CJUSD Employees and all Volunteers Please follow all Transportation Guidelines for Athletic / Field Trips (copies to be retained in Transportation Services) Driver must be 25 or older to drive rental vehicles. Employee must have a District Employee Identification Badge. Must show Current/Valid California Drivers’ License Must present a copy of personal Insurance (excluding District Van) showing limits of liability $15-35,000 when using personal vehicle.Copy of DMV form (K4) for 3 year Driver Record History (available online) Complete the Volunteer Personal Automobile Use Form. Must be fingerprinted and have a completed background check on file with Personnel. All information is updated annually.Transportation will need to know who will be driving the vehicles to make sure that they have the required documentation on file. Therefore, it is important that you complete the driver information in it’s entirely. Please remember that the age requirement for vehicle rental and driving is 25 years of age or older. Submitting the request without the required information may result in delay or denial of your request. If you are taking the vehicle(s) out of state, you must present a copy of the ”BOARD APPROVED” permission to attend form along with your request signed by your site administrator(s), including a list of all students/adults who will be traveling. THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET BEFORE THE KEY TO THE RENTAL IS RELEASED. The driver(s )will pick up and drop off the rental vehicle at Center Transportation Yard, 8404 Watt Ave. The driver(s) will receive paperwork, which will contain the vehicle key. The vehicles are released from the yard with a full tank of gas and you will be charged at the rate we are charged to re-fill the vehicle(s) to a full tank. If you have any questions, and/or may need further assistance please contact the Transportation Department. 
Dispatcher: Nikk Hibbert 338-6418
Supervisor: Cyndy Mitchell 338-6305